RiteClass Higher Education software solutions

RiteClass enables administrators to save time and have a greater impact.

Powerful platform for student housing

RiteClass Housing helps housing teams to run a more efficient and student-friendly housing process.

How it Works

RiteClass Housing reduces administrative headaches. It automates tedious tasks and enables students to self-serve, allowing you to focus on what’s most important. Intuitive data visualizations of your student population put you in the driver’s seat, and we tailor custom solutions to your specific university’s needs.

administrative oversight

Gain more control and insight

Automated communication

Keep students notified by email

Rolling process capabilities

Execute separate registration batches to increase transparency

Database integration

Integration with your student information database

Key features

Student portal

Students use RiteClass to view available housing options, form housing groups and make their housing selections.

Automated housing allocation

RiteClass automatically allocates housing and informs students of their room assignments.

Administrative portal

Set and edit your settings for automated email communication and the date of housing registration. View the number of students who are housed, segmented by grade and the filled capacity of buildings.

Process configuration

Optionally operate the housing process on a rolling basis. A rolling process gives students a better idea of what rooms they can actually get.

First year housing

RiteClass performs roommate selection and matching. We can automatically allocate first year housing or augment your curated process.

Collect student information

Collect meal plan, room condition reports and other important student information in time efficient and streamlined fashion


RiteClass Housing Registration Solution is cloud based with 99.99% uptime and encrypted with HTTPS/256-bit encryption.


RiteClass Housing Registration Solution is FERPA Compliant.


The RiteClass Housing Solution is designed to improve the housing process for all constituents. Automated notifications for students helps administrators be more effective while also significantly improving the experience for students. The admin portal delivers deep insights into who is housed where and enables you to take proactive action to help students find housing.

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