RiteClass Higher Education software solutions

RiteClass enables administrators to save time and have a greater impact.

Stay up-to-date with your dynamic community

RiteClass Donor ID helps development teams better understand their institution’s community and the individuals who comprise it.

How it Works

The RiteClass Donor Identification Solution ingests alumni and current students’ data and finds relevant fundraising information from across the web. This information is displayed in a concise and actionable dashboard that can be shared with colleagues.

Upload Data

Easy and secure data upload

Stay Informed

Stay up to date with your dynamic community

Powerful Search

Perform a single extensive search to find the information you need


Create and maintain profiles of alumni and friends of your institution

Key features


Perform extensive searches for donor information by typing just an individual’s name.


Our search comes with default settings but you can adjust these to meet your needs.

Breadth & Depth

Our solution has massive reach ensuring you have access to any publicly available information.

Information Collection

We gather all the relevant information for you neatly in one place.

Save Information

Save important information about potential donors for quick access in the future.

Team Access

Grant access to information to your entire team.


RiteClass Donor Identification Solution is cloud based with 99.99% uptime and encrypted with HTTPS/256-bit encryption.


RiteClass Donor Identification Solution is FERPA Compliant.

Tools for knowing your community

With the RiteClass Donor Identification Solution, you no longer have to wait for updates from your alumni or manually search the web to find information. When information becomes public on the web, you will be able to quickly discover it with the RiteClass Donor ID Solution. We provide you with tools to be more proactive in staying current with your institution's potential donors.

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