RiteClass Higher Education software solutions

RiteClass enables administrators to save time and have a greater impact.

The courses your students take are telling you something

RiteClass Data Analytics helps academic planners understand, strategize and react.

How it Works

The RiteClass Data Analytics Solution ingests past student course schedule information and helps predict demand for majors and courses through an intuitive visual dashboard and predictive technology.

Upload Data

Easy and secure data upload

Identify Trends

Identify consistently popular majors and courses


Segment course data by major

Make Predictions

Learn from predictive data points

Key features

Data visualizations

Intuitive and actionable data visualizations of student course data.

Organized data

Quickly browse through organized data tables that correspond with your data visualizations.

Make comparisons

Compare graduation rates in your array of majors overtime.

Deep analysis

Focus on one major's trends and view the demand for individual courses overtime.


Easily share information with colleagues and maintain consistency.

Smart predictions

Utilize our predictive technology to bolster your decisions.


RiteClass Data Analytics Solution is cloud based with 99.99% uptime and encrypted with HTTPS/256-bit encryption.


RiteClass Data Analytics Solution is FERPA Compliant.

Shape your institution's academic future with more confidence

RiteClass Data Analytics enables academic decision makers to make data driven decisions about where to focus their resources. Knowing what majors will grow and thrive is critical to your institution maintaining its edge. RiteClass Data Analytics enables you to respond to student demand far in advance.

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